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Prostatitis Must Be Treated Or It Will Be Too Late

According to latest data from foreign scientific studies, in particular, US scientists, about 5-8% of stronger sex of globe suffers from prostatitis – inflammation of prostate gland.

In short, this is fairly common urological disease. He is subject to men of all ages. Even young people (20-40 years old) can develop this disease. Patients of this age category make up 35-40% of rest.

Prostatitis is of infectious and non-infectious origin. As it became clear from name, in first case, prostatitis is caused by infection, in second it is non-infectious.

Non-infectious prostatitis is also called congestive. Non-infectious or, as it`s also called, abacterial prostatitis occurs 7-8 times more often than infectious.

Causes of prostatitis

Causes of disease vary depending on what type of ailment we have (infectious or non-infectious). If prostatitis is infectious, then it`s quite natural that infection in prostate gland becomes its cause.

What are ways of its penetration? First, through sex through urethra, and secondly, if patient has chronic foci of inflammation in body (sinusitis, purulent skin lesions, even caries), then with blood flow. Well and thirdly, in presence of such diseases as, for example, hemorrhoids – with current of lymph.

If this is non-infectious prostatitis, the most common type of this disease, then there will be other reasons. Summarizing, we can say that this is stagnation caused by various reasons:
  • Physical inactivity.
  • Impaired sex.
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Smoking.

It can also be caused by congestion (circulatory disorders) in organs adjacent to prostate gland.

Prostatitis symptoms

Before talking about symptoms of prostatitis, it should be noted that inflammation of prostate gland (as in many diseases) can be divided into two stages: acute and chronic.

In acute stage, again, as in many diseases, temperature rises (up to 38-38.5), patient either feels shaken or feels hot, and pain in perineum is so severe that sometimes urination and defecation can become not only difficult, but impossible.

If patient doesn`t go to hospital in time, purulent phenomena may develop. If left untreated, chronic stage begins. Symptoms of this stage are not so acute. Periodically observed pulling pain in lower abdomen, urination increases, sexual activity decreases, sperm production decreases and its quality decreases (sperm motility decreases).

Male health and prostatitis

Many men don`t want to attach importance to some alarming symptoms. Shy or just too lazy to go to hospital, thereby triggering disease. But well-treatable prostatitis (especially in early stages), in far advanced case can bring lot of trouble.

For example, lead to emergence of cystitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis. Neglecting treatment, man often risks not only his health and his future, but also his partner’s health. If disease is caused by infection, then it can be transmitted sexually, creating whole range of problems in woman.

Failures in sexual life arising from disease cause psycho-emotional problems, leading to increased nervousness, sense of dissatisfaction with life. In end, it can lead to depression and even to loss of the meaning of existence. Psychological and hormonal changes can lead to impotence and infertility. Inflammation of seminal vesicles (vesiculitis) and inflammation of testicle and its appendages (epididymphorchitis) can also be consequence of not cured inflammation of prostate in time.

Finally, prostate adenoma can develop. Benign tumor forms on body of prostate, as result of which lumen of urethra narrows. Benign tumor can, under influence of certain factors, degenerate into malignant one. It`s necessary to turn to qualified specialists in time, because it`s at initial stages of disease that they heal faster and pass without global consequences for organism.

Without letting disease develop, we will preserve our health, make our life full and calm, protect ourselves and our loved ones from psychological and physical torment.

Treatment of prostatitis with folk methods

Basis of most famous folk treatment of prostatitis is use of pumpkin seeds. It`s necessary to clean pound of pumpkin seeds, turn them in meat grinder.

Seeds must be raw. Stir them with 200 g of honey. Make mass of balls size of hazelnut. Slowly chew 1 ball 1-2 times per day 30 minutes before meals. Conduct one course per year.