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Innovative Pill May Help In Treatment Of Premature Ejaculation

If your issue is an early ejaculation, this amazing pill may present you so much desired enlarged period of time before an unsolicited scorch.

You know this situation: you ejaculate too early, you are depressed and she isn’t satisfied. The relationship may suffer greatly because of this. But to ease your penis’ fortune you may just take a pill. A recent British investigation has proven that a pill of tramadol taken daily or just when it’s extremely needed will help you to prolong time of your sex intercourse.

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Comprehensive info about the investigation

On having made eight studies, considering that each one was done separately, the researchers made a conclusion that men who took in an opioid pain reliever, called tramadol, demonstrated steady improvements in the duration of their sexual intercourse in comparison with males who took placebo. The effectiveness of this drug was as high as the one got after taking in paroxetine, which is also commonly used to treat early ejaculation. But paroxetine is an antidepressant according to its initial nature. However, the effectiveness of tramadol was higher in comparison with other medications used to cure premature ejaculation (for instance, Viagra or gel with lidocaine as a main component).

Anyway, there’s a strong need to continue research to completely understand the mechanism of narcotic pain reliever and its effect on erection maintenance. One of the authors of the research Catherine Hood, having BA and Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery says that supposedly this drug influences brain receptors which in their turn change neurotransmitters and hold off the reflex of ejaculation.

These results are quite optimistic, but we have to interpret them carefully. According to the leading reviewer Marrissa Martyn St. James, who has PhD and Master of Science, some significant steps of the research weren’t introduced in detail, which may mean concealing of their treatment form.

Moreover, there are some questions regarding duration, dose and side effects that occur after taking in tramadol. Dr. Hood says that there are some doubts because there weren’t conducted any studies proving the safety of the drug and its efficiency regarding the treatment of premature ejaculation. She adds that at the moment there doesn’t exist any perfect medicine at all nowadays to cure the condition. It happens because every individual is different and the treatment choice depends on certain body respond, so to say, the treatment has to be done only individually.

What can we consider a premature ejaculation?

It is curious that early ejaculation is the most widespread condition among the males in the age group from eighteen to fifty-nine. It’s hard to reveal that diagnosis, but the study introduced to the public by Sexual Medicine in 2014 brings us some more clarifications about this issue.

You definitely experience the condition, if you ejaculate less than in a minute after the beginning of sexual intercourse or in case your sexual intercourses have reduced until couple minutes or so. It is also time to stop and think about your sexual health if you show inability to hold off your ejaculation and these issues cause negative feelings such as anxiety, steady frustration and depression and therefore lead to libido loss.

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What measures do you have to take when experiencing the condition?

This condition is rather widespread but you shouldn’t consider it to be the end of your sexual life. It’s better to work out an effective solution which will return you to a great “shape” as soon as it is possible.

According to the recommendations of Dr. Hood, it will be good to consult your urologist, have an overall check-up to reveal what stands behind your premature ejaculation. You may just be exaggerating the problem but at the same time your reproductive organ may mean having serious biological disorder.

If you decide to test tramadol on your body, make sure your doctor is aware of your intentions and he will speak to you about probable side effects, such as headaches, giddiness and nausea. After considering everything, decide if this option suits you or not. There is one more thing to think about: if you and your doctor agree on your taking tramadol, know that he’ll prescribe it off-label, because this medicine isn’t used officially to treat such condition.

It sounds terrifying, but everything here is legal and this practice is often used by many doctors. But certainly it lacks scientific thorough investigation, bit in this case the doctor-patient interaction is even more significant (If you need help finding a good physician for yourself, here’s the way To Find the Doctor of Your Dreams).