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Harm and benefits of abstaining from sex for men

Harm and benefits of abstaining from sex for men

Sexual abstinence refers to a situation when you, voluntarily or involuntarily, don’t have sex for some time. The issue of abstaining from sex is a complex one and has been discussed over and over. However, there’s still no definite answer to whether avoiding sexual intercourse is healthy or not, especially when it comes to male abstinence.

Those who are against it usually point out that sex is a physical need and not having it will lead to various problems, both on physical and mental levels. Those who support abstinence often give an example of monks who live in celibacy and yet are in perfect health. Both points of view are pretty convincing. So, the question stands: is abstinence unhealthy?

Will abstaining from sex harm men?

According to U.S. News, it won’t. Abstinence is not likely to harm men, at least, not physiologically. It is not going to kill them and the chance that it will lead to lethal diseases is almost insignificant, especially when this abstinence is not a long-term one. If a man doesn’t have sex because he doesn’t want to, neither will abstinence cause mental distress.

What if he wants to?

And that’s a completely different situation. Unfulfilled desire can lead to a sense of anxiety and lack of confidence. The absence of sex makes men shy and this shyness prevents them from having sex. Sounds like a vicious circle.

Moreover, and that is true for everybody, when you want to have something, but can’t, it’s the only thing you can think of. Frustration and stress of inability to have what you long for can become unbearable. And there’s no need to enumerate dangers of stress, is there?

Other negative side effects of sexual abstinence

Sex is considered an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. The list of advantages of regular intercourse is endless: it relieves stress, makes us happy, and helps to fight various diseases. In two words, it promotes men’s health. Obviously, avoiding sex means avoiding all the perks it carries. Here are some ways not having sex can, indirectly, cause health problems:

  •    For example, according to one study, men who have sex regularly rarely suffer from erectile dysfunction. Thus, those who avoid sex are more likely to experience this problem.
  •    Research published by American Urological Association showed that men who ejaculated frequently had less risk of prostate cancer development. So, it’s pretty clear: if a man doesn’t have sex, he misses out this perk.
  •    Some studies have shown that sex lowers the risk of heart attack in men, as it protects their hearts. It also promotes the health of their immune system and fends off germs. If men avoid sex, they clearly don’t have these benefits.
  • Benefits of not having sex

Strange as it may seem, abstaining from sex does have some advantages. The most obvious benefit of not having sex for men is safety. Teens are taught at school that abstinence is always a good idea as it protects them from STD and unwanted pregnancy. Clearly, it is an exaggeration and there is no need to avoid sex forever, but in some cases, it’s better not to have it than to regret later.

Other advantages do not concern physical health and are true for women as well. For example, for a couple sexual abstinence for a short period of time can promote their affection towards each other, add some passion into their relationship. Abstinence can also increase sensitivity and help people to get more pleasure from sex.

At the end of the day, one thing is clear: whether abstinence is healthy depends on the case. Surely, abstinence won’t damage men’s health, but it will deprive them of all the benefits sex carries. And they are infinite.